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Altrove 12″

Black Vinyl

Hardcore Milan is hard to die, or apparently it is ready to sell its skin dearly even in this tormented 2020! Like a lone worm that, hiding in our bowels, devours us from the inside, then Tenia , a new group but made up of faces already known and active in the punk scene of the metropolis for years, burst onto the Milanese hc scene! Hardcore in your face is the creed of this first studio effort entitled Elsewhere, a very modern hardcore in its sounds but which manages to follow a precise course of what hardcore has been in the last twenty years, both in Italy and overseas, while maintaining something in the attitude and in the expressive impetuosity, which ties in a clear and indissoluble way with the classic tradition of Italian hardcore of the 80s / 90s. A robust sound and technically well played, far from those raw trends all reverberations and distortions that seem to be going for the most in recent times. Someone in the music of Tenia has heard influences from the Teatro delle Ombre, someone else the Tragedy, others still see in the hardcore of the Milanese group the imprint of the first Raised Fist.

Without dwelling too much on the general quality of the music played, I instead focus on the vocals by Alvise which are perfect for the entire duration of the record. A painful voice, the perfect means to convey the feelings of malaise and anger that emerge overwhelmingly from the texts of the Tenia. In some cases, in the course of the seven tracks present on Altrove, echoes of a post hardcore nature also emerge as in the fascinating “ Quella Notte“, In my opinion one of the best tracks. In general that emotional vein typical of some early 2000s Italian hardcore, as well as some post / hardcore, cuts through all the work in an incisive way, without ever being forced or out of place. There is very little else to add except that we are faced with one of the best and most intense works published by the Milanese hardcore scene in recent years and which certainly deserves more than a listen! Long live hardcore and the Tenia!