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Talk Me Off

Cursed 12″ LP

Black Vinyl | 300 copies

Richmond’s snotty punk trio TALK ME OFF is coming out swinging in 2020. Feel like nothing ever goes your way? Feel like you just can’t live up to expectations? Or do you feel like you’ve become a burden to your friends or loved ones? Cursed is a 12-song installment of the catchiest, harsh, and aggressive punk rock that you’ve never known you needed. It provides you enough to sing-along, but not enough time to catch your breath. Emotionally-driven and tackling everything from hating life to telling religious idiots to keep their opinions to themselves. This musical downer scratches the itch for the angsty teen hating their life all the way to 30-something burnt out corporate basement dweller wishing they weren’t required to wake up the next day.

Forming in the Fall of 2017 with the goal in mind of being an unwavering source of ear-splitting guitar, vivacious bass, steadfast drums and dueling harmonious vocals. Meeting through touring, hanging in bars, screen printing and a general distaste in everyday life; playing in a band together was decided before they had even met. After releasing their first self-titled EP they had dedicated their time to bottling the energy and feel of their live show when stepping into the studio to record Cursed.

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