Suffix / Beau Navire

Split 7″

Black Vinyl | 500 copies (1st pressing)

Suffix are a female-fronted group hailing from the windy city of Chicago. The guitars are jangly and melodic most of the time, while still bringing lots of loud/soft dynamics. Beau Navire play a similar screamo style, focusing more on short bursts of speed. They have a slew of releases under their collective belt, and I believe feature a member of the phenomenal band Loma Prieta. Totally appropriate pairing. This is the first pressing of this release on black vinyl.

Track List

  1. SUFFIX – Post-Rock Is For Lovers
  2. SUFFIX – Get Pitted!
  3. BEAU NAVIRE – Space Heaters
  4. BEAU NAVIRE – Scattered Trails
  5. BEAU NAVIRE – Sanctus Locus