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Subjects/Rulers – Cassette Tape

100 copies
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Subjects/Rulers were a short lived project out of Nashville with folks from Cease Upon the Capitol and Dolcim. They recorded this full length then spread out across the country, leaving us this lovely little tape as a document of their existence. This is expertly executed screamo with just the right amount of chaos, massive, uplifting passages, dynamic drumming and powerful vocals. These guys have been doing this a long time and it shows.

Track List

  1. Of Milk And Wine
  2. Surely You Must Be Joking
  3. Godel, Escher, Bach
  4. Nice Death Ray, Buddy
  5. Don’t Let The Cat Out Of The Box
  6. The Uncertainty Principle (On The Nose)
  7. Your Number Is Up
  8. Famous Last Words