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Sospesi Nel Vuoto Bruceremo In Un Attimo E Il Cerchio Sarà Chiuso CD

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The music Storm{O} has to offer is based on the late ’90s post-hardcore/mathcore (Converge, Botch), soiled and renewed by dark and in-your-face riffs (that might be similar to bands such as Alpinist, Cursed) but made less monotonous thanks to the screamo inserts (Raein, Orchid, Envy) and keeping the ’80s Italian hardcore roots in the lyrics. Hardcore screamed in their native language, narrow mathematical passages and runaway emotional explosions give shape to an unconventional and somehow unique music.

Track List

  1. In Volo
  2. Supernova
  3. Fuga
  4. Perchè La Bambina Cade
  5. Sorridendo (Alla Possibilità Della Caduta)
  6. D’Istanti
  7. Un Coltello: Compassione O Comprensione
  8. Delle Nostre Vite Appese
  9. I Meditazione Sulle Eterne Massime: Parte I – “Le Cose Peggiori”
    II Meditazione Sulle Eterne Massime: Parte II – “La Debolezza”
    III Meditazione Sulle Eterne Massime: Parte III – “L’Accecante Guida”
  10. Human 2.0
  11. Aspettandone Uno Vivo
  12. Respiro
  13. Per Le Tue Lacrime

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Finis Terrae 12″ LP