Speak Your Heart

Under These Lights We Are Transparent CD

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With ‘under these lights we are transparent’ comes an important release from an important band. Speakyourheart may be young, but what they lack in age they make up for in a depth of passion and musical knowledge, penning anthems with beautiful melodies set aside pounding rhythms. From start to finish this release will show you just how versatile a good band can be. Switching from quiet to loud, always heartfelt and emotive, speakyourheart have a unique honesty about them that is hard to find in these ‘scene’ times. This debut release does hint at many influences and has been likened by reviewers to The Get Up Kids and Appleseed Cast, but it is bold enough to hold a character of it’s own. You’ll hear the honesty in singer Laurie’s vocals and be held by the innovative an precise songs as the band blend anthemic modern post-hardcore with a acoustic beauty, so familiar to fans of Dashboard Confessional. Speakyourheart know what they want to create and have started the fire with this debut release.