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Sick Bags

Only The Good Die Young 12″ EP

Black Vinyl

Fresh off a killer debut EP released early this year, Virginia’s Sick Bags are back with six more tracks of fierce and filthy punk rock and roll. Again, guitarist Tony Leet (ex Dirty Fingers, Ladies) has penned some raw and rocking punk tunes that ascend to another level on the strength of Mel Medina’s bad-ass vocals and Paul Kirk’s scorching guitar leads. Only The Young Die Good, poised for a vinyl release in late December/early January, is a potent mix of Stooges/MC5 thunder, early American punk grit, and even a little ’80s glam metal sleaze. Sometimes you just need a record like this that kicks you straight in the teeth, and I like how everything builds up to the epic and blazing “Halfway to Hell”. There’s nothing fancy going on here: just tough, straight-forward punk rock with attitude for days. Already recognized as one of Richmond’s must-see live acts, Sick Bags are rising stars of the trashy punk scene.

– Faster and Louder Blog

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Sick Bags

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