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Shojo Winter

Eternal Snow – Cassette Tape

White Cassette | 40 copies
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The American underground has been experiencing an intense renewed interest shoegaze with young bands sporting Fender Jazzmasters, cranking up the reverb level and playing really loud. REALLY loud. And Hemet, CA’s Shojo Winter is no exception. Featuring members of the monolith of sound shoegaze quartet Crisis Arm, Shojo Winter hammers out a loud shoegaze/post hardcore hybrid much like contemporaries Nothing while mixing it with a melodic-ism that is reminiscent of The Cure. Eternal Snow is the debut release from Shojo Winter and its four songs are a hypnotic, hazy journey and it is limited to an edition of 40 home dubbed (in real time) C-30 cassettes with printed labels and glossy, numbered J-cards.


Track List

  1. Dream Design
  2. Regrettable Touch
  3. Slow Reach
  4. Eternal Snow