Senior Fellows

Shallow Grave For A Dying God 12″ LP

Black Vinyl

Steam-rolling forth upon tides of nihilism from the recesses of Tulsa, Oklahoma, are Senior Fellows, featuring ex-members of Brother Inferior, Kill The Client, etc. This is their guttural, and savage second full-length, as recorded by Tulsa’s Ryan Harvey (Kublai Khan, Culture Killer) and mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege. With filth-mired riffs and an element of crusty hardcore fury, the band have launched a vicious diatribe against political sensibilities and, most crucially, organized religion. Simply put, here is “political sludge” at it’s finest. Encompassing and building on the thoughtful menace of Thou, the brutality of Primitive Man, and securing a backbone inspired by the sheer power of Neurosis, their distaste for organized religion and wider social hopelessness seeps through every pour on the record. Though crushingly feral, and incessantly pounding, there are dalliances with catchy melodicism too, adding a further memorable dynamic to the band’s sharp sound. Fans of bleak and discontented worldviews, and damaged musical expression will not be disappointed.

Track List

  1. Flag Of Convenience
  2. Examining The Pros And Cons Of Torturing White Collar Criminals
  3. Doctrine Contrary To The Established Faith
  4. Abstraction And The Nationalism Disease Exemplified
  5. The Willing Consent To Your Own Oppression
  6. 95th Meridian
  7. Bereft Of Fortune And Adrift
  8. Depravity And Encouraged Malfeasance In What Passes For Modern Day Law Enforcement
  9. An Economic Framework Based On Unsustainable Cruelty
  10. Religion And Other Forms Of Man-Made Disaster