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Sea Of Thousand

Church Of Total Collapse CD

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This band features former members of Employer, Employee and Dragbody, but the result sounds nothing like either of those bands, and is, in fact, nothing like most of what’s out there right now. Their style is basically sludgy hardcore/rock ‘n’ roll with moderate tempos and a good amount of frantic dissonance, and I really love the hoarse screaming vocals (the layering in of higher snarls and lower growls is also cool). The songwriting is really strange though, shifting from quirky rocked out riffs to chord progressions that sound like Black Sabbath being covered by Black Flag if Black Flag were a weird math rock band or something. Now, not all of the songs are great or anything, but there are a lot of cool things happening, and I like the band’s originality a lot. “Franklin” picks up the energy level at times and has a nice rocked out edge happening, but then “Marching on its Stomach” tops five minutes with distant vocals underneath delay effects and crackling clean guitar lines eventually building into more openly sludgy runs. The title track breaks into some winding riffs that sort of carry more of that thick math rock angle, and is one of the more memorable tracks as well (perhaps in its consistency of approach). Closer “Rendered Immobile in Psychological Debris” is another longer track, but this one takes a straightforward stoner rock approach – only fucking with the time signatures and some vocal variation to change things up a bit.
– AversionOnline.com