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Roots In Gasoline CD

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“Your lyrics focus on the Everyman, His Dilemma, and that which he loves, His Home. It’s noble, the way you speak of injustice in your hometown and country, but what makes it even more interesting is the conflict you have in living there. And that is what Roots In Gasoline is about, essentially: Resentment, shame for that, and ultimately loyalty despite itself. You admit to the temptation of life beyond your hometown, and then acknowledge the presence of life within it. The action of call and response, which appears more than once on the record, and could easily double as a title to the album, includes not only your community but the audience listening, suggesting that at everyone’s heart the dilemma is the same, and that you understand why no one else wants to say anything about it, which is why you are speaking for them. It becomes clear that what you want, ultimately, is proof of conviction – from the town, the country, the Lord, those around you, and even yourself.”
– Grant Reynolds in a letter written to Scouts Honor on 10/31/04

Track List

  1. Roots In Gasoline
  2. Prison Bars
  3. Other Side Of Town
  4. Cost Of Living
  5. Ballad Of The Blind Man
  6. Devil Between
  7. Prescription Medicine
  8. Lovable Mama
  9. Better Life (talking Strike)
  10. Alms
  11. Call And Response