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Sandy City

Surfin’ WA 12″

Black Vinyl | 300 copies

Sandy City play upbeat lo-fi indie/surf punk that is a cross between Cause Co-Motion!, Eric’s Trip, Crayon, and the Beach Boys. I even hear some early Tullycraft in here. Solid stuff. The record is limited to 300 pieces and is a one sided 12 inch with a silk screen on the b-side. It is packaged in a fold over black & white cover and includes a insert. “Surfin’ WA” was originally released as a cassette on Fox Pop Audio Company. Members of Blanket Truth, iji, Sure Toss, Patience Please and many more.

Track List

  1. Death Wave
  2. Westport
  3. Wasting Our Time
  4. How We Never Met
  5. Merry Go Round
  6. The Sound
  7. Meeper Sleeper
  8. 1 2 3 4