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This is dark modern hardcore with very deep social and political lyrics Their music sounds like it was infuenced by Tragedy and Neurosis. This band was one of my favorite hardcore bands in Russia. They are from Saint-Petersbourg. I am sad to write about this band in the past tense, but we can do nothing about that tragedy that have broken this band. The band has ended its active and vivid period of life with the tragic death of Timur, but they will live forever in their music and hopefully this release will not be their last. This CD is dedicated in loving memory of their guitarist and our loved friend Timur Kacharava that was stubbed to death by nazis on the 13.11.2005. Packed in digipak and has full color booklet with russian lyrics and discription of lyrics, it has english translation as well. art and design by their singer Egor Rogalev.