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“SWEET! I love this. Emo that is a lot harder than usual, or is it hardcore that gets soft and then hard again in a matter of seconds? I don’t know. I just know I like it. The layout is real cool too.”
– Heartattack #21

“I fell in love with this band’s first 7″ about a year ago, but this new record surpasses their 7″ by leaps and bounds. It seems their sound has progressed to something far noisier and angrier. Think of emotionally-charged, spastic hardcore, complete with weird time signatures and occasional softer “pretty” parts and you will have some idea of what Saetia sounds like. I have heard them described as “New York hardcore that isn’t afraid to get barefoot and hug.” Word the fuck up. The vocals are extreme in every sense of the word and the lyrics are some of the best I have ever read. They also get the Most Intense Band I Have Ever Seen Award. Go see this band live and buy their records and everything will be all good.”
– Megabeef #3

Track List

  1. Notres Langues Nous Trompes
  2. The Sweetness And The Light
  3. An Open Letter
  4. Woodwell
  5. Corporeal
  6. Ariadne’s Thread
  7. From The Firmament
  8. Postlapsaria
  9. Endymion