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Rote Hexe

Red Witch 12″ LP + 7″ Flexi

Black Vinyl | 250 copies
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“Rote Hexe is a two piece band from Los Angeles, CA who formed in November 2011. Red Witch is the band’s debut 12″, which was released on June 1st 2012. Rote Hexe play a dark, visceral, and mind numbing style of music that incorporates elements of doom, sludge, and post hardcore within their sound. Red Witch starts off with a ghostly sample from Alfred Hitchcock, which sets a somer and sinster mood for the music contained on this 12″. Musically, Rote Hexe borrow from a variety of sources, but do so in a way that brings a unique and eclectic mix of sounds to the listener’s ears. Think Threadbare and Rorschach mixed with newer bands like Deafheaven. Add more samples spattered throughout, a hint of black metal, and a strong rocking post hardcore backbone (Hot Snakes) and you can begin to see where Rote Hexe is going with their sound. Overall, Red Witch makes for an ambitious and eclectic listen to say the least. Another phenomenal release from Cricket Cemetery. Highly recommended! Enjoy!” – The Elementary Revolt

Track List

  1. The Brightest Decaying Star
  2. Journey Of The Forsaken Monk
  3. Red Witch
  4. Through Bramble, Thorn & Thistle
  5. Black Wood Becomes White Wood