Handstand Records

DIY LABEL & DISTRO SINCE 2000 // hardcore punk metal indie rock vinyl


Rik And The Pigs

A Child’s Gator 12″ LP

Black Vinyl | 400 copies

Rik And The Pigs have been plopping down some grade A slop for the last couple of years and we’ve been smearing our ears with every ounce of it. From the brooding droop of “Life’s A Bust” to the greasy glam of “Don’t Tell On Me” Rik and his Pigs have been the soundtrack to many a late night shenanigan and early morning blunder. Rik’s been delivering some prime grime underneath all that tape scrape and on ‘A Child’s Gator’ him and the Pigs give us a collection of songs new and old, recorded at High Command Studios in Olympia, WA and mastered straight from tape by Dave Eck at Lucky Lacquers, that finally serve as a true testament of what a powerhouse this band is live.


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