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Autumnalia 12″ LP

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Riah is a post-rock band from bologna, Italy which was formed in November 2015. Their inspiration comes from differents genres and they try to blend the heaviness of the post-metal and math-core with the atmosphere and the dreamlike sensations of the post-rock and of the ambient.

The band was first formed as a duo, guitar and drums by Flavio Di Bella and Rocco Catturani. During the October 2016 Diego Ruggeri joined the band as the bass player and the band’s sound has become clearer and more mature. Riah held shows in the northern Italy also they shared the stages with the Australia’s Dumbsaint and Polish band Tides From Nebula as a trio. The guitarist Francesco Begnoni joined the band in September 2017 with his new ideas. These ideas helped the band grow and the other band members are very thankful for this great experience. The band members feels that their sound is now more complete and they finally found their own musical identity.

The band entered the studio in March 2018 to record their debut Autumnalia. The album was recorded and mixed by Enrico Baraldi at Vacuum Studio and at Waiting Room Audio; it was mastered by Magnus Lindberg. During the recording session the visual artist Francesca Bonci (who has collaborated with We Deserve This and Show Me A Dinosaur) accompanied the band and will support the music for the further concerts.

Riah describes their sound as “a mixture of beauty and brutality” that shout out loud from their music. And that’s what Autumnalia is: The result of the hard work on the instruments, months spent trying, destroying and rebuilding the songs; months filled with mistakes, wrong turns, sweat that had taken the band to give birth at this album: a collection of songs that tell a lot about humanity, about the inner struggle of every human.

Listening to Autumnalia, you will undertake a journey that will lead you through rage, fear, inner pace, dreamlike visions of light, through paranoia and serenity, through love and hatred, through childish nightmares and ancient poetry

FFO: Envy, Neurosis, Isis, Unsane, Jesus Lizard, Shellac, Touch’n’Go, Amphetamine Reptile

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