Vatten 12″ LP

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Three years since releasing their last album – Saga, Swedish Sludge/Doom Metal mob – Pyramido – return with their new album Vatten. Pyramido’s sound has changed a little since Saga with the guys trying their hand at heavy waves of Psychedelic Rock merged with intense slabs of Doom Metal. The vocals are yet again heavy with a real muscular drive which adds a more menacing vibe compared to previous Pyramido albums. The guys have been doing this for almost ten years now. Pyramido know how to write and deliver a heartfelt pounding riff though they do offer some cool surprises on the album. Such as post-metallic riffs here and there on tracks such as En linje i sanden, Tempus and Aktion. Obviously with these guys being from Sweden they know the tricks of the trade in delivering a fiercely action-packed album. The album never outstays its brief 37 minute run time. Pyramido have written five songs that last about seven to eight minutes each. It allows the band to try their hand at a more progressive style of doom/sludge metal and the album becomes better for it.

Track List

  1. En Linje I Sanden
  2. Att Bida Sin Tid
  3. Tempus
  4. Aktion
  5. En Rak Linje