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Psychic Teens

Face / All 7″

Green Marble Vinyl | 200 copies
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#3 in the Reptilian Records KEYSTONE NOISE SERIES.

“A creepy-crawly, rubbed-raw treat for fans of Pissed Jeans, Sacred Bones and general discomfort.” – Spin

“This Philadelphia wrecking crew crashes its way into your brain with throbbing bass and herky-jerky, post-punk guitars, riding a wave of gothy vibes straight to a noise-rock endpoint.” – CVLT Nation

“For fans of gloomy heaviness, metallic goth rock, psychedelic shoegaze deathrock and other sonically similar genres we just made up.” – Aquarius Records

“If you’re in the mood for some zero-bullshit, solid post-punk/goth rock which lacks any pretenses, Psychic Teens is definitely up your alley.” – The Inarguable

Track List

  1. Face
  2. All

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