Plutocracy 12″ LP

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While most bands who grow up slow down and add more experimental parts to their music Poostew do the opposite and present their tightest set to date. For the highly-awaited follow-up to 2005′s “Struggle” Poostew again tried out a new studio and it was the best decision they could make. At 3rd A Studio, Hamburg with Jens Ballaschke on the producing helm Germany’s steamroller finally received the punishing sound it deserves. They’ve increased the speed again and deliver 14 high explosive deathgrind tracks! Their debut “Struggle” convulsed the extreme music scene with the stunning mixture of no-compromise grindcore, well-placed melodies and the hardcore approach but “Plutocracy” will just destroy everything on its way. Poostew continue with “Plutocracy” where Misery Index left of with “Retaliate” and developed a new form of deathgrind.