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Nothing Has Changed CD

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“Nothing Has Changed” is Pisschrist’s debut album, originally released on both CD & 12″ LP in mid-2006 by Yellow Dog Records in Germany. When Pisschrist scheduled two separate tours (Japan & Southeast Asia) between late 2009 and early 2010, the band decided to have their 1st album repressed so they would have something to sell at all their gigs. Through out the two tours, The Ricecooker Shop didn’t sell nor distribute the CDs to anyone, so the band would have full monopoly on selling them and make a bit of money to cover the huge cost of the tours. The local pressing also made it cheaper for Southeast Asian punks to buy and have it in their collection. Now that the tours are over, The Ricecooker Shop has made the leftover CDs available. 1000 copies were pressed in total. This CD is a 13-track massacre of raw brutal D-beat hardcore from this Australian band featuring members of ABC Weapons and Schifosi. Recommended for all fans of Disclose and SWE HC!