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Patsy’s Rats

Rounding Up 7″

Black Vinyl
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Patsy’s Rats is Portland power (pop) couple Patsy Gelb and Christian Blunda (aka Billy Jeans from Mean Jeans). Rounding out the lineup is a revolving door of rhythm sections that compromises a who’s-who of Portland bass-players and drummers. (On these recordings it’s Steve and Jon from Mope Grooves).

Patsy’s Rats have already accomplished a lot for a newish band that doesn’t even have a full length out. They’ve toured Europe with Giant Sand (and another Euro tour planned for September 2017), had some songs on the Green Room soundtrack, and released four 7-inches on four different labels. These will be compiled on a singles-compilation on Bachelor Records, with an all-new record recorded and in the can.

Two absolutely note-perfect guitar-pop rockers, with Gelb taking the vocal lead on side A, and Blunda leading side B. Really, this epitomizes everything a 7-inch should stand for: two great songs that leave you wanting more. And there’s more on the way…