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Overo / Punch On! / Zochor / Coma Regalia

Another Year In Hell – Split 12″ LP

Black Vinyl | 265 copies

“Another Year in Hell” is a commentary on the crushing realities of the pandemic as well as a testament to the global, fragile, and deeply personal ties that keep a scene alive. Opening with Overo’s searing feedback and
anthemic vocals, the record next threatens to break speakers with Punch On!’s chaotic heaviness. On Side B, Zochor teases bouncy Revolution Summer energy before Coma Regalia closes out with desperate, explosive
emoviolence. The result is a cathartic journey that leaves one both nostalgic for the past (after all, nothing says “DIY screamo” quite like a 4-way 12” released by 8 labels) and surprisingly hopeful for the future.

FFO: Raein, Funeral Diner, The Saddest Landscape, Moss Icon, Yaphet Kotto

NOTE: Jacket is in VG+ condition due to damage from overseas shipping, but this is a new unplayed record.

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