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Tudo Posso 7″

Black Vinyl | 500 copies

Based out of Brasil, Orua is a psychedelic indie rock trio. Hypnotic, wavy noisy guitars and chilled tempos that meshes the spacey layered rock of Built to Spill or all the slower tunes of Pavement’s “Wowee Zowee” with a slo-core touch of Duster and noise freak outs akin to Sonic Youth. Orua has been making a buzz recently thanks in part to their recent tours opening for Built to Spill who of which they are also members of in the current iteration of Doug Martsch’s long running indie band. “Tudo Posso” is a four song slab psychedelic indie sounds that culminates into a foray of sprawling free jazz. Limited to an edition of 500 and with hand screen covers.

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