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On The Might Of Princes

The Making Of A Conversation CD

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Finally. After years of being out of print, the album that started Rok Lok is back in print and in a big way. With the help of our friends over a Eugenics Record Label we have put painstakingly amount of effort to make the reissue of the debut album from On the Might of Princes all that more special, and fans of the band will appreciate that. “The Making of a Conversation” has been carefully remastered so it could be heard the way it was intended to. Additionally there are now three bonus tracks as well as multimedia section with a video and a link to a site with exclusive content-video, streaming audio and photos. This deluxe reissue comes with a beautiful 24 page booklet that is wrapped up in a striking UV coated O-card. On the Might of Princes later became known for their dynamic approach to screamy hardcore that melded meldoicism as much as it did dissonant guitar textures, but “The Making of a Conversation” is the beginning of the story that finds the band utilizing a more accessible post hardcore song structures ‘ala Sunny Day Real Estate while intertwining with influences ranging from Fugazi to I Hate Myself to Failure.

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