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Old Gods

Stylized Violence 12″ LP

Dark Pink Vinyl | 475 copies

Their new full-length, Stylized Violence sees a much more mature and confident OLD GODS continuing down the path they embarked upon with the 2011 release, but with a fury and fire all its own. Like Its predecessor, Stylized Violence is steeped in film tradition: most notably, the horror genre. With vivid and provoking titles like “Slaughtered Vomit Doll”, “Burlesque Suicide” and “Altered States” it’s clear that Tuttle has done his homework. But, what’s more is that his lyrical content is more than just homage. The stark imagery often culled from these films works more like catalysts: propelling his deeper metaphoric meanings and fueling his clever wordplay. Musically, OLD GODS has never been more ferocious. Stylized Violence sees the band exploring the familiar territory of their previous effort, but diving much deeper in the process. Remaining is the band’s fascination with both early 80’s punk and 90’s post-hardcore, but this record also makes several uncharted pit stops along the way. Stylized Violence is a wide spectrum of sounds and styles that represent a true love for all things dirty and distorted. LP is limited to 480 copies on pink vinyl with ultra gloss full color jackets, printed Euro innersleeves and 11×11 insert. Includes a DL code as well.