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Sleepwalking Days 12″ LP

Black Vinyl | 300 copies

Null hails from Birmingham AL and features folks from Holiness Church of the Valley and Coliseum. The album feels like an obscure ritual that would happen in a desert, or something you might hear far away as you explore a cave. Slow, dark, and brooding with a great sense of space and atmosphere. The vocals sound like something Floor and Party of Helicopters might have collaborated on if that makes any sense. This is a very unique sounding record – there’s some stoner influence, elements of indie, maybe a hazy Pink Floyd feel, loud and heavy yet calm and airy. Very much worth a listen.

Track List

  1. When You Love
  2. Old Gods
  3. Hip Crowd
  4. Invert
  5. Why Not Sing
  6. Bow

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