NOIISE (ИO///sé*)

Lower Berth 12″ LP

Clear Vinyl | 100 copies

After delivering one of the best records of 2012, ИO///Sé returns with their sophomore LP, “Lower Berth”. Lower Berth is comprised of songwriting prowess backed by killer riffs, infectious melodies, an impervious rhythm section, and absolutely no filler and fluff. The final product is 13 tracks of stick-in-your-brain groove that varies from stomping anthem (e.g., “One Step Behind”) to DANGERHOUSE or BUZZCOCKS-esque pop genius (e.g., “Buried Alive”). Unlike many bands that are currently hyperfocused on copying one particular band or sound, ИO///Sé mixes a wide array of disparate influences and creates something familiar but original. There are elements of old classics like WIPERS and X (Australia) along with newer bands like RED DONS, THE ESTRANGED, and MARKED MEN. If you are familiar with the first LP, Lower Berth will feel like a natural progression. If you’re new to the band, welcome and enjoy. For those keeping track, ИO///Sé contains ex-members of YOUTH BRIGADE, GLASS & ASHES, and YOUNG LIVERS.