Introduction To – Cassette Tape

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One of the most truly inspiring aspects of lo-fi bedroom music is that it is something that isn’t exclusive to one region. Where ever someone resides and has the desire to express themselves through creating music there is a commonality inherent just in the act of doing so and that is beautiful. And through a network of like minded individuals whom share the sounds the create in the privacy of their homes we get to see how amazing it is that mankind despite many differences still have such common experiences such as music and art that we can share and appreciate. That brings me to Ukraine based home recording lo-fi/shoegaze/dream pop project Nearr, that despite being separated by 4,755 miles away, the project’s creative mind Eduard Tokuyev is able to create sounds that resonate in my so much that in a way Nearr feels like home. Bringing together a mixture of sounds that recalls The Cure, Cocteau Twins, and Talk Talk as well as contemporaries Vehicle Blues and Trudgers. “Introduction to…” is a sixteen track compilation that hand picks the best representations of Nearr’s discography. This release is limited to an edition of 30 white clam shell C-60 cassettes with full color, numbered card stock j-cards and full color labels.

Track List

  1. No Worries
  2. Sister Dullness
  3. Hello
  4. Red Waters
  5. Anymore
  6. Forever
  7. Art of Being Flawless
  8. Zero New People
  9. Splice
  10. Go With The Flow
  11. Borders
  12. Always Been In The Same
  13. 17 Hours
  14. Feel My Love
  15. Next Time
  16. Fay