Mozak / Rotten Charles Manson

Split CD

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“Slovenia’s MOZAK play mid-paced crusty punk with lots of quirky metal riffs and some George Carlin stand up comedy samples thrown in for good measure. ROTTEN CHARLES MANSON from Malaysia play faster and more dirty crust with both standard DOOM style vocal delivery and some really comical high pitched gagging throat abuse. Both of these bands mix in up tempo metal riffs and blasts of grind as flavoring but mainly stick to the mid-to-sorta-fast-paced crustcore speed. Five songs from each band. Fairly standards stuff with all the expected trimmings right down to the black and white war n’ desolation style graphics but both bands kick up enough dirt and grim that it might be worth a listen if you dig this style.”

– Short Fast and Loud

Track List

  1. MOZAK – Mesto Mrtvih
  2. MOZAK – Bullshit Religion
  3. MOZAK – Pozabi Na Use
  4. MOZAK – Mozak
  5. MOZAK – Iz Obupa
  6. ROTTEN CHARLES MANSON – Slaughter of Innocence
  7. ROTTEN CHARLES MANSON – Bastard Nation
  8. ROTTEN CHARLES MANSON – Thoughtcrime
  9. ROTTEN CHARLES MANSON – Free and Equal