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Mothercountry Motherfuckers

Confidential Human Source 12″ LP

Black Vinyl
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Mothercountry Motherfuckers was Sarah Kirsch’s last band project before she passed away in 2012. Confidental Human Source is a post mortem release and we’re so happy to finally listen to this album. It’s raging 90’s Ebullition style hardcore influenced by bands such as Yaphet Kotto, Torches To Rome, and Bread And Circuits.

The NDA’s have expired and the long-rumored MC/MF LP is finally public for eager hearts & minds everywhere! Recorded in 2010, this project stands as fallen member Sarah Kirsch’s departing haiku to all kindred spirits still left behind enemy lines. Originally intended as internal training material for a Zen Arcade-esque double LP, veteran producers Crisco Thunder and Jack “Whiz Bang” Shirley joined forces with the surviving MoFo’s to apply the necessary final touches on this future classic. Merging militant elegies ala-Cut the Crap with raging riffs and vitriol, the ‘Motherfuckers drag discontented, abrasively tuneful ‘hardcore punk’ off the bloody butcher’s block of historical curiosity. Scything swathes through uncharted sonic frontiers, Confidential Human Source is a true return to form, where malcontent Mothercountry Motherfuckers of all ages are sure to find lasting resonance and sustenance for the end times ahead.
— Doug Moodie for Trouser Pressed

Track List