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Missing Monuments

Missing Monuments 12″ LP

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If you still think of Missing Monuments as a King Louie solo project, you’re a few years behind the times! The band began in New Orleans in 2009 when Louie (Royal Pendletons, Persuaders, Kajun SS, etc.) and his guitar slinging pal Julien Friend recruited drummer Aaron Hill and bassist Bennett Bartley. A 7″ on Douchemaster Records and tours of the Midwest, the West Coast, and Europe followed soon after. Benny Divine (Wizzard Sleeve) replaced Bartley on bass shortly after the release of the band’s debut album Painted White in June 2011. With its lineup solidified and a rougher sound cultivated, the band was just starting to hit its stride. Last year’s superb “(I’m Gonna) Love You Back To Life” EP on HoZac was a brief taste of what Missing Monuments were capable of, and now the band truly delivers the goods on its sizzling second LP. The words “power pop” always seem to come up whenever Louie Bankston is involved, and not without good reason. But that’s just one element of many in what proves to be a righteous mix of sounds.

Missing Monuments play gritty rock n’ roll with a distinctly Southern flavor – blending in hints of pop, garage, soul, oldies, and even hard rock. Songs like the fireball opener “Answer The Call” and the storming “Crash Landing” capture the unrelenting two-guitar energy of the band’s live shows, while “Super Hero” is just the latest in a long line of perfect Loomis pop gems. Whether they’re getting you up and dancing (“Another Girl”) or breaking your heart with ballads (“Tru Luv”), Missing Monuments have the chops and the songs that cannot be beat. And lyrically and vocally, this is some of the most passionate and personal material Louie has turned out in years. If “I Don’t Share” and “Heart and Soul” fail to leave you stunned, you might want to check yourself for a pulse. We have been looking to work with Louie for a number of years, and we are thrilled to present this exceptional second LP from Missing Monuments. In all honesty, it’s miles better than their last album. And their last album was pretty great! Get yourself some Popeye’s and a bag of Zapp’s chips and crank that volume WAY up. This is the real deal sound of Louisiana!

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