Mind Dweller

Demo 2017 – Cassette Tape

Purple Cassette | 100 copies
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Mind Dweller features members of most of the key Raleigh hardcore bands of the past several years coming together to play a riff-driven style of rocked-out punk that has pretty much one relevant historical antecedent: Annihilation Time. There have been countless bands that have attempted to fuse rock and punk, but like Annihilation Time, Mind Dweller don’t skimp on the rock or the punk, taking the best parts of 70s hard rock and infusing it with hardcore energy. And while a lot of bands go wrong with this style by having vocals that sound like either Eddie Vedder or Joe Denunzio, Mind Dweller’s vocalist takes an RKL-like approach where he sounds punk as hell but also has a range of more than one note. Whether this style is right in your wheelhouse or whether you’re incredibly picky about your rocked-out punk, Mind Dweller have what you need. Limited to 100 pro-duplicated cassettes in purple shells with a full color j-card.

Track List

  1. Sob Story
  2. Short Fuse
  3. Too Deep
  4. Knuckle Drag