En Raga Sul – Cassette Tape

Black Tape Shells | 200 copies

MEDUSA’s debut En Raga Sul hits like a hurricane. Severely bludgeoning, ugly and downright EVIL sounding, this unholy release is the result when five lifetimes of burly riffs, horror movies and heavy pot intake collide into a maelstrom of hardcore/punk fury. 3/5ths of the RACEBANNON machine are responsible for this commotion, although MEDUSA is a beast of a very different color. The sheer vicious heaviness contained on this little monster conjures early MELVINS, HIS HERO IS GONE, FLOOR and Rosemary’s Baby all involved a multi-car pileup.

Track List

  1. Rain Un Thunder
  2. Mediatrix
  3. En Raga Sül
  4. Back To Dust
  5. Transform
  6. Destructor
  7. Bruiser
  8. Throne Of God
  9. Inflict The Venom
  10. Snakebite
  11. Soldiers Of Death
  12. Body Count
  13. Alucarda
  14. Flesh Fly
  15. Wicked Father