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Matte Black

Dust Of This Planet 12″ LP

Black Vinyl | 300 copies

A lot of bands throw around the term “spacey” when describing their music, but Matte Black’s latest opus Dust Of This Planet truly feels other-worldly. Not so much in an effects-pedal-one-upping-contest kind of way – it’s more like the soundtrack to a Mars rover landing. And just like our neighboring planet, Matte Black too has a solid metallic core surrounded by less dense material. They’ve got a heavy Sabbath-y sound for the most part, unafraid to ride their riffs until they’re ingrained in your cranium. Matte Black’s sophomore album is packed with fuzzy dark psych, heavy riffs, haunting melodies, and tribal rhythms all blended inside a rock tumbler. This record boasts some stellar cover art from Caspar & Thomas Newbolt, and is easily one of our top albums of 2015.

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Track List

  1. Loch
  2. Fuzz
  3. CTRL
  4. Lungs
  5. Dust of This Planet
  6. Dead
  7. Cage
  8. Half Moon
  9. Headline
  10. Time’s Arrow
  11. Rio de las Animas Perdidas

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