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The Brawl CD

THE BRAWL is the soundtrack to that moment in which the beast inside every one of us screams out its need, it’s longing to live and exist. Who hasn’t felt frustrated by their job (8 Hours), been betrayed by a friend or something they believed in (The Nun’s Pray), felt buried in their own town (In This Town) or found themselves having to do things against their will each and every day (The Boxer).

THE BRAWL is Lucertulas personal vendetta, a response to an out of touch society, based on the concept of punishment and surveillance, challenging the right to be oneself. A magmatic flow taking in and transforming everything in its path into energy, drawing its impetus from dizzying structures and oblique textures of voracious guitars, scathingly furious vocals and a rhythm section of grinding anger.

Giovanni Ferliga, friend and Lucertulas sound engineer, and his right hand man Giulio ‘Ragno’ Favero were responsible for capturing Lucertulas untamed fury. Bringing the energy of their live shows together with analogical alchemy, Ferliga creates an abrasive and powerful mix.

Over these 13 tracks, without holding back, Lucertulas let their energy explode, on an album to be listened to from beginning to end without respite.

Amazing Gatefold LP packaging, 1-Sided silkscreened vinyl, plus a CD version to boot. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED CRITICAL NOISE-ROCK!

Track List


  1. 8 hours
  2. An old man
  3. In this town
  4. A wicked eel
  5. Crowning
  6. The boxer
  7. The nuns pray
  8. Carlos nightmare
  9. The widower


  1. 8 ore
  2. Giuda
  3. Fine del viaggio
  4. Il vedovo

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