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Love Letter

A Very Young Mountain – Cassette Tape

Black Cassette | 40 copies
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We last heard from Love Letter with 2015’s “Collecting Loss” lathe cut 10 inch which saw the project implement a greater emphasis on vocal arrangements and what I have often referred to as a brand of lofi bedroom “lullaby pop”, however, with this new release the project continues to veer into new sonic territories. “A Very Young Mountain” takes the hypnotic, reverb soaked guitar humming of the first two releases but crosses it with more of a field recording, patchwork approach to create a truly organic collection of sounds. Washes of furiously strummed guitar melodies, that bend within a multitude of colorfully shaped tones enveloped within a wall of sound that as it unfolds illustrates in mind perfectly the long journey of growth that a young mountain embarks on to one day reach the heavens-and we are all mountains or have the ability to be. “A Very Young Mountain” is simultaneously the sound of discovery, innocence, solace, longing, reflection, and transcendence all communicated through the canvas of sprawling post rock “anthems” of sorts. For fans of Godspeed You Black Emperor, Azusa Plane, Paper Armies and Mariposa. “A Very Young Mountain” is limited to an edition of 40 C-30 black cassettes with full color printed labels and packaged in a full color, glossy j-card with beautiful photographic artwork captured in the wild of the Pacific Northwest.

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