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DIY LABEL & DISTRO SINCE 2000 // hardcore punk metal indie rock vinyl


Little Whirls

Sedateness At The Movies – Cassette Tape

Yellow Tape Shells | 50 copies

Hailing from the land that brought us hefeweizen and Krautrock, Little Whirls shows the world that Germany can produce incredible indie rock as well! Reveling in a treble happy, lo fi aesthetic Little Whirls puts forth simplistic songs that are rich in melody-simply put lo fi pop music perfected! “Sedateness At the Movies” is a collection of seven tunes that the show influences of Guided By Voices, The Clean and Teenage Fanclub on their sleeves but don’t come across as simply a lo fi karaoke without any nuances of their own as in a time of impersonal, slick sounding music Little Whirls are response to make pop music personal again. This isn’t just nostalgia-this is making music that is worth caring about again. It is separating music lovers from lame record collectors and hipsters alike as this is the sound of people who are creating something they are passionate about and sharing it with individuals who are passionate about the act of being passionate engaged and investing in listening to music. Sedateness At The Movies is done all for the love of pop. It is limited to an edition of 50 home dubbed yellow tint clamshell cassettes with full color, numbered J-cards created by the band themselves with hand stamped labels.

Track List

  1. Write Us For A Statue
  2. So Much For Nerd Talk
  3. Karma Guilt And Ferocity
  4. Marching In Trunks
  5. Stratofucker
  6. Our Bad Hair Days
  7. How To Avoid Target Panic