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Treading Water 12″ LP

Gray & Black Color Vinyl

“Lifes is a band made up of two dads that believe this world is in trouble. Music can’t save us, but it can help us cope.”

“Considering the subject matter at hand, it makes a lot of sense that Treading Water is a chaotic affair. Utilizing only a bass guitar, a drumset, and dual vocals, Dave Rudnik (bass/vocals) and Zak Holochwost (drums/vocals) manage to conjure an overwhelming cacophony of squeals, feedback, blips, booms, crashes and bangs to go with their punkish grind. Most songs fall under the two minute mark, and half of those under one minute, for a total runtime of twenty-four minutes. This is a short, visceral, emotional journey across the toughest aspects of the modern human experience.” – Angry Metal Guy

Track List