Left In Ruins

Ghost 12″ LP

Clear Vinyl
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Left In Ruins from Trento (Italy) confirms its potential with this energetic album titled “Ghost”. Fast and raw hardcore punk, straight to the point: a perfect blend of old school, powerviolence, fastcore and unpredictable hints of grunge. Left In Ruins’ immediate and in-your-face sound is the appropriate soundtrack for the band’s lyrics, where disillusion and anger mix together. One-sided clear vinyl. Nice rendition of Jefferson Airplane’s “Somebody To Love” included. A total blast.

Track List

  1. Ghost
  2. Emphasis On Nothing
  3. The Heretic Son
  4. Death Is All We Have In Common
  5. Last Dose
  6. I’m Bored
  7. Wasted Generation
  8. Decay/Survive
  9. Somebody To Love
  10. Vicious Cycle