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Lê Almeida

Todas As Brisas 12″ LP

Black Vinyl

Brasil’s master of lo-fi 90’s indie/psych/grunge worship returns with yet another masterpiece of the genre. For easy references, think Guided By Voices or early Pixies, but on this record Le adds more of a psychedelic element to these tracks – a bit more stoned if you will, but maintaining his signature ability to take a simple riff and turn it into something truly special. There are riffs on this record that I could live the rest of my life with on a desert island. Perfect raw pop for an ugly world. Burn some candles and turn it up loud – it’s the last thing we can count on.

Track List

Rolezin Depois A Gente Dorme Meditação Oracular Derretida Todas As Brisas Quebrante Das Ondas Aflorado Matinê Maruins Por Que Os Muros São Altos? Praia Alta

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