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Lazy Legs

Moth Mother – Cassette Tape

Gold Cassette | 2nd Press
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Portland’s Lazy Legs are one of those bands who gracefully blend heavy sludge, doom pop, shoegaze, and slowcore to create something sonically immersive and oft-gorgeous. The duo are set to release their sophomore album Moth Mother on November 15th, an excellent record for anyone who misses the days when shoegaze still meant a blanket of heavy distortion and warbling melodies. Drawing inspiration from bands like True Widow and Cloakroom, there’s a patience in Lazy Legs’ attack, offering texture and serene balance to their enveloping sound.

Having already shared first single “Peanut Butter,” the band offer another glimpse into the noise soaked bliss of Moth Mother (and it’s exceptional album art) with their latest single, “Silkworm.” Opening with a stoned groove and arpeggiated guitar progression, Laura Wagner’s vocals float on in, caught in the fog and simply weaving through the airy moments. The beauty turns destructive as the guitars rip into a wall of overdriven fuzz-pedal carnage, peeling away at the seems and dropping back only to let the tranquility build again for further contusions. They keep you off your guard as they tear between ethereal bliss and earth swallowing guitars. Throughout the rollercoaster ride of quiet-loud-quiet structures, Lazy Legs engrain a washed out melody, providing sustenance to their see-sawing approach.

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