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d​.​é​.​o​.​m​.​é. 12″ LP

Black Vinyl | 130 copies

Black metal, posthardcore, postmetal, postrock screamo band from Leipzig, Germany

““d.é.o.m.é.” is a top to bottom onslaught of passionate violent poetry backed by incredible musicianship that really allows the album to become so much more than what I ever expected.”

“In fact, I don’t really know who the fuck they sound like, as they are most definitely their own entity.”

“d.é.o.m.é. is a brilliant and poignant album. With mature poetry, it embellishes its musical purpose, and guides it elegantly to create unorthodox but lyrical compositions that resonate with itself. A sensible, harsh album on which you would only regretfully miss out.”

” Laudare from Leipzig, Germany has produced a work of art. Starting off as almost spoken word the album goes through post hardcore, post metal, screamo, hardcore with a dark undertone. Some of the arrangements are reminiscent of prog rock. The lyrics are excellent.”