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Last Remaining Pinnacle

Visitors 12″ LP

Black Vinyl | 100 copies

Last Remaining Pinnacle was started by Dave Allison in 1995 in Portsmouth Virginia. Over the next decade Allison collaborated with other like minded artists on numerous recording projects for various labels that includes a discography of nearly 35 releases mainly based around ambient soundtrack type recordings and harsh noise. In June of 2011 Allison brought in guitarist/producer Dave Dembitsky. The two instantly started writing and recording new material in more of a dark, intense reverb drenched rock n roll structure which became the bands 1st full length album “Visitors” and was supported by multiple U.S. tours in 2012 and 2013. In April 2013 the band recorded a live session at Pancake Factory Studios in Brooklyn for Big Takeover Magazine’s “Rabid Sessions” radio show hosted by founder/editor Jack Rabid. LRP are currently in the studio working on the follow up to “Visitors”. The as of yet untitled LP is set for release on May 21st 2014.

Portsmouth Virginia based noise rock artists Last Remaining Pinnacle have released their 1st proper album “Visitors”. The band was started in 1995 by guitarist/vocalist Dave Allison and over it’s 17 year existence LRP has appeared on multiple 7” splits, compilations and limited edition cassettes crafting out sounds ranging from harsh noise to ambient soundtrack recordings.

In 2010 Allison started to expand the sounds of LRP taking the harshness of it’s earlier sounds and adding in more structured like “rock n roll” song writing. The project soon became a duo with the addition of guitarist/recording engineer Dave Dembitsky and after a successful run of shows up and down the East Coast throughout 2011 the band began recording “Visitors”.

The result is a truly cohesive album of songs that complement each other in the purist way. Be it the chainsaw like dual guitar attack of opening track “7 Dollar Room”, the floating numb like elements of “Start” or the straight up menacing rage of “Lies”, “Visitors” begins with a straight forward 1-2-3 punch before settling into the pulsating beat of “They Are Lost” which is backed by a riff that combines aspects of Duane Eddy’s “Rebel Rouser” and “A Forrest” by The Cure with lyrics focused on the monotony of life.

“Mantle Rotation 3” is a return to early LRP compositions with a whirling, swirling “emergency” type sound that drops into a doomful dirge. Things then resurface into “Every Night” which combines a haunting gothic post punk vibe with “Woman And Children First” era Van Halen and a heavy does of Cream’s “Swlabr”. “Students Of The V.U.” is almost like a LRP anthem with a repetitive riff, tribal like drums and psych fuelled vocals that put the listener in an almost a trance like state. The album ends with the title track “Visitors” a look at the aspects of marketing, religion, media and the work place in our modern society and how it effects us all.

Track List