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Lasers And Fast And Shit

Third: Munch 12″ LP

Red Vinyl | 200 copies
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Hardcore as a genre has always had its musical limitations. Bands and fans alike have enforced those formulas. So when bands drift from those paths the results can be a mix of intense experiences with loose boundaries. As Parker Langvardt of Epitonic put it, Chicago’s LASERS AND FAST AND SHIT “fit this rare category with their immediate energy and mixed influences, touching on sounds of hardcore bands like DRIVE LIKE JEHU, early work from THE MEN, and experimental punk like BELLINI.” Besides having one of the best band names in the world, LASERS AND FAST AND SHIT also have what Tiny Grooves described as “one hell of a propulsive fiery art damaged punk sound. Mix in the brash angular punk of LES SAVY FAV, the garage thump of the MISTREATERS, the hardcore thrash of DOUBLE DAGGER and the noise riffing of DRIVE LIKE JEHU…. and maybe throw in some BIG BLACK, NATION OF ULYSSES and JESUS LIZARD for good measure….. what you get is some of the most engaging hardcore tinged punk rock that doesn’t follow those boring old formulas.” LP is limited to 200 copies on red vinyl with full color sleeves and download code.