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Landbridge / Autarch

Split 12″ LP

Black Vinyl

Gigantic galloping crust split from FL’s Landbridge and NC’s Autarch. Autarch takes their beastly epic crust bones and adds some black metal influence here, creating more texture and emotion. Landbridge drops 4 absolutely massive crust tracks in the finest tradition of From Ashes Rise/Tragedy – punishing and overwhelming. Both bands feature environmental/civilization collapse issues in their lyrics.

Track List

  1. AUTARCH – Kings Of Nowhere
  2. AUTARCH – Bastille
  3. AUTARCH – Survive
  4. LANDBRIDGE – A Shackle Upon
  5. LANDBRIDGE – Freedom Is The Grave
  6. LANDBRIDGE – Convoluted
  7. LANDBRIDGE – A Forest That Once Was

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