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Never – Cassette Tape

Pink Cassette | 100 copies

This is far and away one of Lacing’s most nuanced and balanced collections of songs, measuring equal parts melody and mystery with guitar heft and haziness. Lacing’s habit of relentless audio experimentation and subtle incorporation of influences leaves no possible stone unturned across these 5 gorgeous, adventurous tracks. “Days” is an undisputed barn-burner of a track – it opens with a bang and doesn’t let up over 6 minutes. Swirling haze gives way to nearly-Midwest Emo sounding arpeggios that might make Mineral blush before exploding again in sonic fireballs of feedback and distortion. Soaring phase solos rest atop a bed of crackling fuzz that surges like a downed powerline. In a sea of shoegaze copycats & poseurs, Lacing is the real deal – well-crafted modern gaze that puts song structure first and then throws in a kitchen sink’s worth of pedals to obliterate the blooming beauty they’ve created.

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