Kill Crush Destroy

The Weaker We Get… CD

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Thrashy, aggressive, pissed off hardcore in the vein of nothing you have heard in a long time. Think Black Flag. No, seriously think Black Flag. This is punk rock. This is hardcore. This is Fast and Unrelenting. Dark City Records is proud to have the oppurtunity to work with a band whose debut full length we believe will be as influential as the stuff that first brought us into this scene.

Track List

  1. Oh Snap!
  2. Shut My Eyes
  3. Spiderweb Fractures
  4. Timeline Of Self-hatred
  5. Saturday Night Fever
  6. Set The Trap
  7. Bob Ross
  8. Eat It Up
  9. Action Reaction
  10. It’s A Game Of Risk And We Have All The Dice
  11. Adios Amigo
  12. Stand On Line
  13. Life Underwater