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KEN Mode

Nerve 7″

White Vinyl
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The nerve of this band. Following the release of last year’s dividing ‘Success’ LP, KEN mode is back, this time on Reptilian Records, with a three song B-sides 7” EP simply titled “NERVE”. Three unreleased tracks from the Steve Albini recorded ‘Success’ sessions of late 2014, wrapped up in brand new artwork from the band’s longtime collaborator Randy Ortiz.

The digital download (included FREE with vinyl purchase) also includes the previously unreleased digital version of the track “Absolutely Not” from a split single with Atlas Moth as well as three 2011 pre-production demo tracks from the group’s 2013 released ‘Entrench’ record – that’s a total of 7 tracks!

Track List

  1. The German Businessman
  2. Let’s Get Divorced
  3. I’m Never Looking For You