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Julie Christmas

The Bad Wife 12″ LP

Milky Clear & Bone Striped | 150 copies
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Vocalist Julie Christmas’ solo full length album. Produced by Andrew Schneider. Music written by John LaMacchia of Spylacopa and Candiria, and Made Out Of Babies. With performances by Mel Lederman of Victory at Sea, Joe Tomino of Dub Trio, Oddateee, Troy Young and Tony Maimone of Pere Ubu and Book Of Knots.

The Bad Wife turns ten this year. What better way to celebrate than with a limited edition vinyl reissue! With brand new artwork conceptualized by Julie Christmas and designed by artist Andrea Horne. The artwork features a reverse board jacket with silver ink varnish print and a full color printed inner-sleeve. This reissue is limited to 300 units total split into two deluxe color vinyl variants.

Her name might conjure up good tidings of holiday cheer, but you certainly won’t find any schmaltzy yuletide sentiments on the solo debut from the first lady of post-metal, Miss Julie Christmas. The Bad Wife finds the front-woman for Brooklyn noise rockers Made Out of Babies deviating just far enough from the visceral aggression of her primary gig to showcase her formidable chops as a songwriter in her own right across nine epic tracks that are just as rooted in her apparent love for the works of Nick Cave, Polly Jean Harvey, and Bjork as they are by her origins in modern-day loud rock. An amplified, arresting mix of experimentalism, emotion, and sludge-driven fury, it is nothing short of a triumphant solo turn from one of the Kings County’s most respected and talented performers, whose newfound career under her own name deserves just as much attention as her work in MooB and Battle of Mice. – Pop Matters

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